A baby hawk visited today… 

June 29th, 2015

This morning I was up early sweeping the apt floor when I heard a high pitched bird sound I don’t hear everyday.  I instantly put down my broom and went to my altar to find my  mini bird ocarina whistle. 

As I looked toward the windows trying to sense where the sound came from, I was struck by the presence of a baby hawk who was perched in a way where it was looking right inside my home.  

This baby hawk was beautiful.  We locked eyes. I was in awe. I instantly fell into a deep silence. I couldn’t move. The presence of this baby hawk was powerful.  I felt privileged to be communing silently with such a powerful messenger of the spirit world.  

Because hawks are known to soar high in the sky, they are considered messengers from the heavens.  They teach us to look at life from a different point of view. They encourage us to look at the bigger, higher, and wider perspective.  They remind us to be focused on our task at hand and to know when to stop and be keen observers before making a move. 

Wow. What a message.  I hope the baby hawk visits again. 

In the evening,  I walked into the local councilmembers office with a Monarch butterfly.  Not sure how that happened. The monarch butterfly was in the middle of the floor moving it’s beautiful wings up and down.  A message of transformation? 

The winged ones have a lot to say.  I am tuning in….

La Shamanessa, RA lil wolf