A Distant Coldness Covering Society

There is a growing distrust between people, a distant coldness covering society. It is much more difficult to connect, to be vulnerable, to share critical thoughts, and ideas. The good old fashion chat is becoming rare with people preferring the convenience of text, email, or face time.

In this highly connected world, we find there is more disconnection, more loneliness, more depression, more stress, more anxiety, etc.. People are angry. People are in rage. People are afraid. People are giving up. People are falling into silence. Are you feeling it? Are you seeing it? This is creating so much division. I find that my circle of trust and communication is getting smaller.

What is happening to us?

Political correctness is also on the rise. In order not to offend, many people are choosing to be silent and polite. Have you noticed that more and more people are self censoring, many others are being censored, and others with good intentions are suppressing/censoring others?

We see words condemning many with no proof. We witness a fragile society unfold. Many of us are too busy, burdened, over worked, tired, sick to notice…

The way we communicate is changing. Are these changes for the better?

But at what cost? Are we risking our authenticity? Are we risking the essence what it means to be human? Are we saying and sharing how we really feel? Are we listening to each other?

I fear we are in danger of losing our humanity. I am reminded of this every time I feel compelled to walk into the bathroom with my smart phone or Ipad…

I know that am addicted to smart devices. It’s a battle everyday. I can and must do better. I am taking more tech breaks and this helps, but I still keep clicking and texting. There is such a thing as addiction to technology. It’s creating a huge problem and getting in the way of interpersonal relationships… you know, those subtle nuances you understand about people that only come with time and a lot of face to face authentic interaction.

As we evolve more technically, I worry about the growing separation between men and women, adults, children, and old people. At night my dreams haunt me with visions of quiet people being told what to do and how to do it by machines.

I value how good it feels to be with people, how wonderful it feels to chat with a stranger, and connect heart to heart. Everyone has a story to tell. You don’t need to be a super star or the President of the US to have an important message to share.

My message is this… we all have tremendo bullships/drama/challenges in our life… but we can still look for solutions that lead towards creating an engaging, happier, healthier lifestyle and fulfilled, thriving, connected communities.

This is why I produce the podcasts Cafecito Break, Tremendo Bullship, and community events. I believe in us. I believe we can do more to share more heart to heart goodness. I believe we can co-create healthy happy thriving connected communities with all of the colors of the rainbow… all lives matter.

We invite you to be a part of our movement. Our goal is to have an active Cafecito/Coffee Break Podcast Community where like minded souls can gather and connect.

We currently have a fundraiser called “Tremendo Bullship”- would you be interested in buying a tote bag? Click here: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/tremendobullship Your contribution will go to support our podcast and community events.

thank you for the opportunity to share.

cafecito soul filled blessings to you! – gracias, ra

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